At the museum of myths and legends

At the museum of myths and legends








With some of the students from English tutoring











To start the day, everyone had to wake up at eight, some woke up early though. Today was our second free day; a day where everyone could go anywhere they wanted in their small or big groups. Some went to the cathedral, souvenir shopping, bought ice cream, visited the museum.

I was with Giselle, Jeana, Jocelyn, Donna, Briant, and Marysol. The seven of us, with our GG leaders: Carrie and Emily, went to the museum of mythology and legends in the morning. It was a really interesting place to go because we got to learn about Nicaraguan folklore and one reminded me of the most common legend in Mexico, La llorona, the weeping woman.

After the museum, we went to go get ice cream at Kiss Me. The ice cream was really good compared to Eskimos (the cheap chain restaurant) From there we went back to the hostel to get ready for lunch.

After lunch everyone split off to their groups and headed out for more fun. The seven of us stayed in the same group, but sadly without our GG leaders. We went to find a stand where they sell speakers, but we did not find any that got our attention. From there we went to the supermarket to get some snacks since the place was close by. We went to the plaza near the cathedral to go souvenir shopping. We bought a lot of things and it was fun. Then we went to get some smoothies at a place called pitaya. We also went to pizza hut after getting our smoothies to eat some bread sticks and cinnamon sticks. Then we started heading back to the hostel to meet with the other groups.

The other groups either went to Mc Donalds, souvenir shopping as well, ice cream at kiss me, and more. They had so  much fun it was great to see their smiles and know everyone had a good time. Everyone was safe, happy, and full of positivity.

After a whole day of free day, we still had out English tutoring. Everyone had fun with their students and were sad that today was the last day of instruction. Many of our students brought gifts of appreciation including food to celebrate.

That pretty much sums up our day. Our free fun day.