T-MINUS 1 Day until Departure? We hope?

Hey, y’all, it’s Hannah Gradowski, one of the Global Glimpse Leaders on this trip.  Two weeks ago, we set off on the adventure to Ecuador to learn about indigenous communities, meet new friends, work like a local, explore the Spanish language, try new things (and foods), and ultimately, step outside of our comfort zones. Well, if we had not already stepped outside of our comfort zones enough during the trip, the past few days have forced us out of any comfort zone we may have had left.  However, with many changes to our itinerary and a new flight date to head back home, our students have proven to be flexible, patient, brave, and resilient.  After a long day of waiting for an airplane and answers yesterday, our students woke up in Riobamba, Ecuador once more this morning, but with a different attitude; one to make the best out of the situation.  With a front row seat to the world around us, this experience has enhanced our educational journey and has shown us firsthand the freedoms we have in America and how to become part of the change we want to see in the world.

On behalf of the Global Glimpse Leadership Team, Kim and I are proud to announce how much each one of the 15 students have grown on this trip, especially in the last few days. Within the planned 12 days ( including 1 bonus day), our students have become a Global Glimpse family and it is one that we are so blessed to be part of.  Additionally, as Leadership Coach, it has been an honor coaching each student as Leader of the Day to lead others, and become the best version of themselves.  To each of the students (I know you will read this once you return home), I am so lucky to be part of your story, especially as you become the person you are meant to be. Each of you is destined to be a leader, and although this trip has proved to be challenging at times, each one of you have overcome the barriers, especially as we faced the last one together.

It has been a wonderful journey, but now it is time to head home and show you, the readers, who we’ve become in such a short amount of time. Right now, we are currently preparing for a full-day of travel tomorrow, but the students are still finding time to dance, sing, play card games, and enjoy the last moments of the trip that we did not think we would get.

Please look out for an update tomorrow as we fly to Quito and prepare to head back to the United States.  This blog will serve as an additional (and personal) update from me so you can keep track of your loved ones on their trip back home.  For now, know that we are safe, in high spirits, and are looking forward to being in your arms once again.  

Thank you all for being understanding, patient, and flexible as we navigate our journey back home – we would love to receive well wishes, prayers, and love sent our way as we travel back to you.

Big love from Riobamba, Ecuador,

Hannah Gradowski (RB1A Global Glimpse Leader)

P.S. Below are some photos of the students making the most out of their “bonus” day.