Today was the second day working on our CAP Delivery Project. We woke up at 7am. Some of us woke up even earlier to work out with the Executive Director of Global Glimpse, Eliza, at 6:30am. Although the workout group was smaller today, there are still quite a few committed Glimpsers!  We were also treated to an amazing oatmeal for breakfast, made by dear Licelot!

We headed on the bus to Los Arroyos at 9am to continue our basketball court. Today we worked on leveling the ground, laying wire down for the base of the cement court, as well as mixing and laying a LOT of cement to create the court. We were also given a special delivery when el Presidente del Ministerio de Deporte (the President of the Ministry of Sports), Osiris Tejeda stopped by our work site to deliver a donated backboard and hoop! He also announced he would be donating more sporting goods and sport educators to the school.

Then we filled our bellies with lunch, which was delicious, and rehydrated with electrolyte powder, which was not! We soon got right back to work continuing to mix cement and smoothing it out. We are so proud of our team because we have an incredibly ambitious project and we are staying on track to finish by tomorrow!

Back at our hostel, we had our final tutoring class! We had dinner, which was incredibly delicious. We spent time after dinner editing our letters of appreciation for all the donors and supporters of Global Glimpse. We finished the day with our nightly meeting.



Weather: It was very sunny in the morning, it rained in the afternoon (which, didn’t stop the work!) and then the sun came out again

Best Meal: DINNER!!!!!!! Longanisa (sausages), yucca, pepper and onion sauce and pineapple!

Best Moment: Looking at all that we have accomplished so far and thinking, “wow, this is actually all coming together!”

Biggest Takeaway: Although these three days are so intense, we feel confident that months and years from now, children in Los Arroyos will still be enjoying the court. Completing this project is something we will remember years from now; our 17 year old selves really build a basketball court and made a difference for a lot of kids in the community.