The Spanish word of the day was, te extranè, which translates out to “I will miss you”. Today, this phrase encompassed everyone’s thoughts and feelings during our final reflection and our final goodbyes. In the morning, we facilitated an activity where glimpsers mapped out all their significant memories from the trip. The Journey Map began with the five most significant moments on our trip, what we learned about ourselves, what we learned about leadership, and the person that most inspired us. After taking some time to jot down our ideas, we got into small groups to share with each other. During our group share, an aspect that we found interesting was the diversity of everyone’s personal journey map. Each glimpser formulated different observations and conclusions that helped to remind everyone of our many experiences while in country.

It was important to express our thanks. We don’t always get the time to thank each other personally and we were given that space during this activity. It brought us closer together because we spent meaningful quality time together. This activity also gave a new self-perspective because we got to see how our personalities translate in the world.

After free/packing time, we did English Language Tutoring for the last time. 🙁 Taking the time to go beyond just teaching our students, getting to know them on a personal level, was great. We also held a talent show where our delegation, as well as our tutoring groups, showcased our talents. During the showcase it was a lot of fun to see everyone having fun and simply enjoying themselves. This was one of our last activities as a group, and it made us nostalgic for the past experiences we’ve had throughout these past two weeks.

Thank you to Global Glimpse for such an amazing opportunity!