Hi friends and family,

Today we returned to the community Mata de Cadillo to continue our work for our CAP project. We continued to build the walls of the kitchen and finished building and painting the table as a personalized gift to the community. in order to get as much done as possible, we all split up based on our personal abilities. People were working on the walls, while others helped design and paint the table. After a hard day of work, we came together with the community to share our gratitude. They were extremely thankful for all our work and dedication even to the point of tears. They reminded us that we always had a home there. Once we returned to our accommodation we had three hours of explore time where most of us walked downtown and experienced our first storm with rain sprinkles in Jarabacoa. The air is fresh and the lightning is bright. Now everyone is starting to settle down and get ready for bed. As we end our trip in the DR, we are so excited to share our experiences with our friends and family.

See you in two days!!

Valerie and Briseyda tying rebar together to make base for the roof.

Yadira, Briseyda, and Valerie take a quick break to flash a smile while helping finish the top of the walls of the kitchen.

Far shot of glimpsers using cement to build up the walls of the kitchen with the community members.

Rich, John, and Marvin stop their hard work on the wall to smile at the camera.

Community members of Mata de Cadillo making the windows in the kitchen.

This is the progress we made on the kitchen and outdoor Fogón.

Lorenzo working hard to break down a ledge so the community members have easy access to the kitchen.

The Green Fregado Team washing dishes after lunch.

Hannah and Bella playing dominos with locals.

Natalie using her artistic talent to help paint the table.

Gianna hiding from work under the table. (But actually transporting paint).

Jessica and Ava painting details onto the Global Glimpse logo.

Ava, Jessica, Skylar, Anjali, and Bella showing their hands after putting their handprints on the table.

Lili and John putting their handprints on the table.

Design team (including Skylar, Natalie, Jessica, Ava, Abby, Clara, and CJ) pose with their finished table.

Up-close shot of the Global Glimpse logo including a sunset, waterfall, trees and yuca plants, and coffee.

Hannah and Emma receiving a plaque of gratitude for Global Glimpse on behalf of the community members at Mata de Cadillo.

Global Glimpsers pose with community members.

Glimpsers pose with some community members around the finished table.