1. After our bright and early rise at 7, we began our day with a nutritious breakfast at Imabite. Then, with a fun energizer highlighting the morning, we then began a seminar. One filled with both artistic, creative and exciting reflections on the glimpsers’ past experiences. As we made our maps, shared our stories, and wrote our poems, we learned and took one last peek into our past and realized that we must cherish the memories we made here. We were surprised as leaders that this is our last moment together. Throughout the day, I planned and celebrated our GG leader’s (Kiki), birthday. With lots of joy and excitement, we needed to begin our night with the nightly meeting. This final meeting turned to tears as honesty was shown between others in the group. Meaningful feelings of love and melancholy spread to one another, as we ended our night with lots of pictures and a great firework show.