Just before tutoring

Bryant and Peter sharing their talents

Summer and Kaylenn dancing

Alan, Bryant and Eddie MCing the talent show

Bryant, Fontanna and Donna sharing their talent

Marysol and Flor getting some appreciation

Today was a really emotional day. As you all know it’s our last full day in Nicaragua, and I’m sure you’re all excited to see your loved ones.

We woke up at eight and had breakfast at Imabite per usual, Then we came back to the hostel to discuss our trip and how it impacted us as a group. Afterward we packed and had a little bit of free time to explore the city one more time to say goodbye to the city we called home for the last two weeks. We then prepared for our last English tutoring session.

We then got to enjoy our last free time and went to the high school and hung out with our students on our last day together. There was also a talent show, which was basically a thank you and goodbye from the students to us. All of them were so talented and amazing and it was cool to get to know as much about them as possible before we had to leave. Saying goodbye to them was difficult because they brought us snacks and gifts, and they wanted to take pictures with us which was so sweet. Their dedication to learning English is inspiring, and it’s great to see that they take the classes seriously because we work hard to prepare for them. I’m really going to miss my students.

The hardest part about today was talking about everything that happened on the trip and already reminiscing on all the amazing memories I share with everyone because that was the moment I realized that we are really leaving tomorrow morning. It’s crazy that it’s been two weeks because we’ve done so much it feels more like a month. It’s hard to leave because I feel like I live here. I feel like this is home, and it hurts to leave. Although, I’m excited to be home. We’ll see you on Sunday!