Hello lovelies!

It’s Vivian! Today’s LDD and really sad glimpser. So today’s theme was Reflection Day, obviously, a day to reflect, and really think about the past 15 days and our journey as it ends. Once again (and after this trip, probably never) we woke up at 7am to get ready for breakfast where we enjoyed our (hopefully) last meal of Gallo Pinto (pronounced Guy-yo Peen-toe), tortillas, avocado, and cheese. And if you’re already sick of these parenthesis, get ready for a wild ride. After breakfast we had an energizer! Where I forced everyone to play a game of Mafia (If you are not familiar with this game, I recommend you look it up, it’s fun), but with a twist. That being instead of narrating everyone’s demise, I narrated their funeral instead. I took great joy in drafting everyone’s eulogy the night before, and getting to tell everyone my favorite thing about them during their funeral is something I’m really glad I could do. I’ll really miss our late night mafias, along with a great deal of other things, but special moments like these where all of us do nothing but enjoy each other’s company is another thing to add on to the long list of goodbyes. Gathering together, and hanging out in even more dangerous highways, are definitely things I foresee in the future, but nothing’s ever gonna be the same when it’s not in Estelí. As the saying (kinda) goes, whatever happens in Estelí, stays in Estelí.

Though most of us may never visit this lovely city again, hopefully the memories, lessons, and friendships we’ve formed will carry on with us for the rest of our lives. But I’m straying. After the energizer, we had a program seminar led by our amazing GGL’s, where several of us got teary eyed. It really got us to thinking about all the experiences we’ve had and what it means to us now. Then Lunch! Where we had to say a last goodbye to Don Luis, a staff member of the Hostel we’re staying at. I’m really going to miss Hotel El Chico. Despite the crazy cold showers and constantly falling door knobs, it’s a place I find myself calling home. Their staff comprises of the loveliest people ever, and I truly appreciate all that they’ve done for us these past 15 days (I’m really excited to gift them their vases).

Free time was equally fun, and boy did my group spend. I’m no exception to the status quo, so look out mom and dad. Stuff here is delightfully cheap.

Also very important here to mention the man himself, Jack Wang. His faith in his friend’s conscience to not make him bald is truly and inspiration to us all. Here he is, hair fresher than a baby’s bottom.

As tonight is our last night in Nicaragua, we finally went out to eat at Vuela Vuela Restaurant, a really nice place held evident by the pictures. You don’t know how much I miss my vegetables though, food here is all carbs and Mikayla’s cucumbers aren’t enough. (Lina Vo is craving Pho btw (me2)) I love experiencing all these different dishes from such a lovely culture but I also really really want some In-N-Out.

Last day of Tutoring! A lot of social media being shared, and a lot of love. It’s crazy we’ve only been teaching them for a total of 7 days but still, the conversations I’ve had with my students are things I’m going to remember for a lifetime. English tutoring is possibly one of the more challenging things we’ve done this trip (shout out to Anya) and knowing that (my students at least) enjoyed their time learning with us makes me think it was all worth it.

So goodnight from Estelí for the last time! And don’t forget to pick us up at the airport tomorrow night. I know all of us are really excited to go home. It’s been a wild journey but I’ve never been happier to call myself a glimpser.

Love you all!

-Vivian Pham


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