¡Hola parentals! Today’s blog is brought to you by Anthony and Cynthia, the Liders del DÍa.
Today was our last full day on Matagalpa. We spent the morning looking back on all that we’ve experienced here and shared our thoughts on what we learned while we were here. We remembered all of the people we’ve met, all the places we’ve gone, and all of the things we’ve done and talked about how each one impacted us. After that we went out into the city for some free time. Unfortunately we all forgot it was Sunday so most of the shops were closed. Glimpsers were not discouraged however and took the opportunity to meet up with our students from tutoring to say goodbye and to explore new parts of the city. We came back for our last dinner in Nicaragua and then played our final group game of Mafia with the GG Leaders.
On another note, because it was Sunday and many of the internet cafés were closed alts of us were not able to wish our dads a Happy Father’s Day. So from all of us to all of you, Happy Father’s Day! 