¡Hola desde Estelí!

Sorry for this delayed post; I hope I didn’t worry all the parents too much! Waking up early is not the business, but the last few days have been jam-packed with our big Community Action Project (CAP) planning.  On this day, I was really in my comfort zone as El Líder del Día, starting the day with an early quick run to Repostería Gutiérrez for some delicious pan dulce. The original plan was to pick up some hot chocolate, coffee, and milk as well, but little did I know, the market was closed so I ended up buying some juice boxes instead. Thanks to Matt, Michael, Adrián, Josue, and Bodhi for carrying the huge pack of juice boxes for me! Everyone was super excited waking up to pan dulce and juice boxes on the table instead of our everyday breakfast at Buffet Estelí.


Cheesin’ with my cap and flag!

After we finished the design process, we picked up the other delegation at Hostel Tomabú and drove off to the stadium for a soccer game. Instead of playing soccer, I decided to cheer along with some of the best cheerleaders: Joey (head captain), Lorena, Kelly, Raychelle, Ema, and Hannah. It was really interesting to see how different the other group was, but they were very eager to play against us. The two delegations were very competitive, but we did end up winning with the score of 8-5. Go Team Ratchets! Sending our love to Kyana. Hope you’re feeling better!


Asiah, Michael, Leilani, and Joey teaching the little kids head, shoulders, knees, and toes…knees and toes!

Running out of time, we ended the day eating burgers at Bomberos right before our English class. With not many days left of English class, we still ended up having another successful night and had tons of fun watching our kids improve more and more each night. We then walked back to the hostel and got right into our nightly meeting to get in bed by ten o’ clock for our early morning starting our CAP delivery. Tons of great moments and only a couple more left!  We will be home soon everyone!

P.S. Hi everyone back home! I’ll be home soon. Miss and love you all!