Hello loved ones,

We hope all is well back home.

We started off our day with an early morning wake up call. Don Carlos arrived at the hostel laden with cheese and cinnamon crêpes and hibiscus juice. After such an amazing meal we had some free time to sleep and rest before our long day ahead at Pico De Gaza. At 10am we headed to the port to catch the boats that would be taking us to the island. The bus ride there was filled with laughter and anticipation of the fun day before us. We caught glimpses of the lake and its sandy beaches with horses. We then took a picturesque boat ride to the island with the Mombacho volcano looming behind us.

Upon arrival some of us immediately jumped into an intense game of volleyball, while others went to the pools. Around noon we started to barbecue our lunch, which consisted of several types hot dogs, burgers, grilled corn, and some vegetables. While waiting for the food some of us did a mini photo shoot with the beautiful lake and islands as our backdrop. After lunch we went back to play volleyball, swim in the pools, kayak in the lake, and take naps in the hammocks.

As we made our way back to the port with a colorful sunset above us, we said one last goodbye to the Apoyo lake. On the bus ride home, we blasted Justin Bieber and shouted the lyrics at the top of our lungs all the back to the hostel.

The island today was a perfect end to a fulfilling and tiring cap project. It gave all of us the opportunity to reflect on what we had accomplished in these few short weeks. It was a time for us to enjoy a stunning view with good friends and great conversation. Today was a day filled with memories to last a lifetime. We are now one step closer to home and sadly one step farther away from Nicaragua.

 Far left; Ny'Rayah, Morgan, Destiny, Aisha, Jacqueline, Karolyn, Karishama and Naomi

Far left; Ny’Rayah, Morgan, Destiny, Aisha, Jacqueline, Karolyn, Karishama and Naomi