Hello everyone my name is Jessica Kim and I am todays Lider Del Dia! In case you forgot, here is our flight schedule for today:


We will be arriving at SFO at 12:15 AM on 6/23 on Avianca (AV) 560 into the International Terminal. We return home THURSDAY night but just after midnight so technically the flight returns on 6/22.  Just a quick reminder it usually takes around half an hour for us to get off the plane and get our bags.

Feel free to track the flight details at https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AVA560 

Here is our detailed flight information so you can be ready for our arrival at the airport:

TA 397 22JUN17 MGA SAL 530P 620P 22JUN17
AV 560 22JUN17 SAL SFO 710P 1215A 23JUN17


We have had a fantastic time here in Esteli, Nicaragua experiencing unforgettable moments and creating strong bonds with the locals and with each other. We also experienced different foods and learned very quickly that beans and rice are a very popular meal-and by popular I mean every day.

Over the course of the days here in Nicaragua we got to Live like a Local, Work like a Local, Teach English, experience poverty, and learn how to make a difference. My favorite day here was Live like a Local because of one little ray of sunshine: Ashley. My partner Mia and I were “living” in a house with Ashley & her family and she had so much bubbling energy inside of her that she lit up the whole room. She was so positive making the best of her situation and never seemed to stop smiling. She has impacted me greatly, forcing myself to rethink about life and to just be grateful for even the little things.

As you listen to your glimpser talking about their experience here in Nicaragua, I challenge you to follow in their footsteps and try to make a positive impact yourself in your community.

With this being the last blog for the Esteli 1 Group, I would like to thank Global Glimpse for this amazing opportunity and Melisa, Oji, Belkis, and Christa as this trip would not have been possible without them.


Adios and don’t forget to pick us up! (please)

Jessica Kim