Hola amigos! My name is Arriana and I had the pleasure of being leader of the day today. This morning I woke everyone up at 7:00am in order for us to enjoy our last full day here in Leon. When the team was ready we walked to Imabite for breakfast in which we had Gallo Pinto and an amazing meal along with Melon juice. Once breakfast was over, we headed back to the Hostel and played a game of Bang before our final reflection seminar.

Our final reflection seminar was approximately three hours long. Sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? The seminar didn’t feel very long because it was very interactive and it gave the Glimpsers a lot to think about. During the seminar we took a journey down memory lane in which we reflected on the past two weeks of being here in Leon. We participated in an activity where we each had to create our own journey maps and include the following components: five most significant moments, the greatest lesson you’ve learned about yourself, the greatest lesson you’ve learned about leadership and list one person who has inspired you on this trip. The five most significant moments that we have experienced as a group were being nominated for Global Glimpse, arriving in Nicaragua, experiencing Living Like a Local Day, starting our English tutoring classes and participating in our Community Action Project at Barrilete. One lesson that we have learned is that materialistic things are not what give you happiness but rather being surrounded by your loved ones. The lesson that we gained from being leaders is that you need to be confident in who you are and what you are doing because there will always be people watching you. We have each been touched by different individuals while in Leon that has inspired us in many different ways.

After our final reflection seminar, we headed to lunch which was buffet style so everyone had different Nicaraguan dishes. When lunch was over some Glimpsers exchanged money in order to enjoy free time for the rest of the day. For free time many of us went to the Central Market to finish our souvenir shopping, some people got smoothies and others got iced coffee. Once our four hours of free time was up we walked to Imabite for our last dinner in Leon. For dinner we had a ham and vegetable sandwich with French fries and for our juice we had lemonade. Our last dinner was delicious and to end our meal off on the right note, we pushed all of the tables together and ate like a family. We have grown so close to each other and the thought of saying good bye to each other makes everyone sad. This has been an amazing experience, thank you to all that made it possible for us to be here.