One of the things that we and our peers learned today was that a country can have many different types of cultures. They can have different regional dances, art forms, customs, and traditions. Also, we learned that traditions can be passed down in various different ways such as through music, dance, oral tradition, and art. Some of the things that surprised us today were that, when we visited Don Alberto, he had a very simple lifestyle and was happy. He had lived his whole life up in the mountains, and it had been 10 years since he had been to the city. Another thing was that he only used a handful of tools in order to create beautiful sculptures and represent his country. Some of the things that we are most proud of were being able to climb the mountain safely, learn new traditional Nicaraguan dances, and see the beautiful artworks that Nicaragua has to show. The most inspiring person we met today was Don Alberto because he was so happy living a simple lifestyle, and you do not see that so often in the United States. Being Lider Del Dia was very tough but also very fun because we were able to communicate very well and be flexible and patient when things were not going our way. Some things that we learned about ourselves were that being a leader is really tough, but it is much better when you are able to divide the responsibilities equally and have fun!