Morning meeting in the lobby

Team photo with the local bomberos

Ice cream in the park

The accommodations and courtyard: Centro Pastoral la Salle

Hello Hello!

Today was our first full day exploring our host city of Jarabacoa. We were focused on the history of the Dominican Republic and its current impact in the country.

To succeed this we started our day off with an amazing breakfast at our accommodation. After having multiple educational activities in the afternoon, we did a small group history activity to learn some of the facts about the DR’s past. Then we met the Local Youth Ambassadors and went on a city tour to see some of the historic sites in Jarabacoa. We had an especially great opportunity to meet and talk with the local Bomberos (Fire fighters) and hear how they support the local community.

We started our city tour in the central park of Jarabacoa called Parque Juan Pablo Duarte. Here the locals gather for cultural events, holidays and celebrations. Local music can be heard playing in the park most nights. After our tour we had a bonding time with the Local Youth Ambassadors and ice cream. We returned to the accommodation and had a free hour where we got the opportunity to get to spend time and learn more about our new friends and place. After that we had an incredible dinner… 🙂 that mangú was yummy made by our sweet Petronila. She and her staff have been cooking us traditional local dishes for all of our meals. They have been delicious and we are excited and can’t wait to continue to try more of the local delicacies!

Tomorrow we are having our Culture Fun Day and it is full with lots of fun like dancing: bachata and merengue. We’ll keep y’all updated.