Hello friends, family, and other glimpsers!

Today was an exciting day! We had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know this beautiful city of Constanza. We started with a little breakfast at the hotel (delicious eggs and toast) before heading out into the city! We first walked to a local community center where we met the Global Glimpse youth ambassadors and played a game to get to know each other a little bit. Then, we learned about the country’s history and Dominican culture. Did you know that the Dominican Republic is the only country that has a bible verse on their flag? We didn’t either! We then embarked on our tour of the City! We saw so many incredible sights such as a beautiful gazebo in the main plaza, a large army building, and a giant Catholic church. We also were able to talk to a few of the local firefighters and learn about how they help victims even after the fire. They provide supplies, clothes, and will even help to rebuild homes if possible. We were amazed at the loving and caring community that exists here in the DR. After the tour, we enjoyed popsicles while our wonderful youth ambassadors gifted us homemade bracelets (thank you!). In the evening, the students prepared for English tutoring (that starts tomorrow!) and reflected on their experiences. They are a little nervous, but very excited to meet their students.

Students shared a few ‘big take aways’ at tonights meeting that I wanted to share with you. One student shared that it is important to know the history of a place to truly understand it, and to plan a future. Another student shared how important it is to put thought and heart into planning lessons, because this is someone else’s education, and it is their responsibility now. Clearly, this is experience is already impacting our students and they way that they see the world.

Today, the Leader Del Dia was my fellow GGL Carla and tomorrow it will be me! After tomorrow, our wonderful glimpsers will be taking over the Leader Del Dia position! Students will have the opportunity to practice their leadership skills by ensuring the safety and well being off all students while also taking charge in our daily activities. One of those activities will be to write the blog! So, look out for your student’s, friend’s, or child’s blog soon! And please comment on the blog! I will start to read them out at nightly meetings! Good night from Constanza!

Best, Alex Swanson