Hello families and friends,

Today was our second full day in Riobamba, Ecuador. We had a fantastic day discovering the wonders and beauty of the city of Riobamba.

After a delicious breakfast prepared by Chef Isabel, and a game of Ninja won by Isaac, we reviewed the cultural and safety rules via a very intense and fun game of Pictionary (no winners, both teams tied).

We then had the pleasure to share another one of Isabel’s meals accompanied by fresh squeezed orange juice and were ready to walk through the city for our tour lead by Paúl and Leydi. During the city tour, we had the privilege to learn not only about the Ecuadorian culture and history, but also about the people and their traditions. We walked through the Parque Maldonado, saw it’s beautiful water fountains and talked about Pedro Vicente Maldonado, an Ecuadorian scientist. Then we walked to the Plaza Roja and learned about the history behind the name. We proceeded to the Parque Sucre where the statue of Teatro León and the Colegio Maldonado stand proud. Finally, we went to the Plaza Alfaro and the Plaza deToros Raúl Dávalos. For a sweet snack, the group tasted typical cholas with Pluto, the Global Glimpse dog. Back to the hotel for a group discussion about their first impressions of Ecuador, the students shared how surprised they were about the buildings around the city, about the pride of the people wearing a traditional poncho in the streets and so many other contrasts to their own hometown.

For the soirée, the students took part in the planning of a surprise birthday party for our country director Javier. Chocolates (huevitos), cupcakes, chips, but also a balanced dinner for all. Isabel does an excellent job making sure that everybody’s dietary needs are respected, with a ton of options for every meal. Of course, there is no party without dancing so we all got to jam to bachata, salsa, and more to end an awesome day.

BIG LOVE TO ALL THE GLIMPSERS for being great leaders, teaching each other new tricks (dancing, trying new food), and being willing to fully engage in all activities.