Today was full of fun, facts, and frolicking which means we were busy, busy, busy! After wake up and breakfast we had an Academic Seminar on the very complicated history and politics of Nicaragua. We got through and had a clearer understanding of how history is intertwined between the past and present, the culture and the arts.  Our in country leaders gave a very informative city walk where we visited the Catedral, Parque Central, Mural Centro Recreativo, and the Archeology and History Museum. After lunch back at our Hostel, we exchanged US$ for Cordobas. We then had a field trip to the Casa de Cultura to meet with Artist Julio Moreno. We learned about his life growing up in war torn Nicaragua and how art has been his contribution to the education of the people of this country and to visitors. We then painted our own visions of what we had seen and experienced throughout the day. The featured pictured is from Don Julio’s studio. We made a surprise visit to the market to spend the newly exchanged Cordobas. To no one’s surprise….a lot of American treats were purchased (Oreo’s, Milano’s, Cheetos, Chip, etc). We made it back to dinner where appetites were strong. Last but not least we had our closing meeting of the day. Everyone reflected on their impressions on what the past two days of being in another country has felt like; and how they now feel about how history has influenced today’s Nicaragua. As we wrap up this evening another raucous round of “mafia” is being played; nails are being painted; a little AP studying is being done; and good times connecting.