hola everyone! this is our second day of being in Esteli and have learn a lot! Today we went to Alfedritos (named after the son of the owner) for breakfast, lunch and dinner. eveyone loved the lunch meal because it had meat! After breakfast, we had a History Seminar on the Nicaraguan history. We then had a safety Seminar as well. After Javier lead us on a city tour! We learned how many murrals Nicaragua has (150, this country has the most murrals). We also visited a Nicaraguan Cathedral. After our tour we had lunch and rest time. After this we walked to La Casa de Cultura,where we made cards with tusa (corn husk). When we arrived back to our Hostal, we had an English Seminar. This was where we learned how we were going to tutor english! During our Seminar, we saw our first rain fall in Nicargua! After this we went to dinner and had our nightly meeting and our first self refelection. Now we have free time and then sleep! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!