We woke up at 7 in the morning, had breakfast, and started our day off with a mental warmup. The mental warmup was about the place we were visiting today (Cacha, Chimborazo). We traveled about 20 minutes up the Chimborazo Mountain. It was a scary experience since the roads are rocky and a lot of the cars usually are speeding. The reason for our field trip up the mountain was to learn more about the indigenous people in Ecuador and hear about their traditions. The site that we visited is called Pucara Tambo, it is also a cultural and tourist site.

In Pucara Tambo, we divided into 2 groups and split off with one of our Global Glimpse Leaders and one of our Program Coordinators. (The program coordinators were really helpful with translating what the tour guides were telling us about their project, traditions, clothing, and about their museum). We learned that indigenous people believe in medicine plants. One of them was named Chamomile [This plant helps with sleep and anxiety]. There was also a female and male Rosemary plants. [The male plant is good for thickness in hair and the female is good for making the pains you feel after a pregnancy go away.]

Some of us were able to get cleansed by one of our tour guides. There were two different cleanses that they demonstrated to us. One of the cleanses had to do with passing an egg around your body in the shape of a cross. Then you crack the egg in a cup and when the white rises up it means that the bad energy is being released from your body. The second cleanse had to do with multiple plants combined. The tour guide hits around your body with them and if there is skin shown, it is likely that you will get a small rash that will go away with water. [Some people in our group was brave enough to partake in this cleanse.]

When we came back from visiting Pucara Tambo, we planned our third lesson for teaching our english classes. [We start teaching on Monday.] After that, we all teamed up to play two games of volleyball and a game of soccer. We were super tired after but we had dance classes! We learned four dances in total and they were all intense and very fast. We all enjoyed it because we were able to show our moves and just have fun!