Today we learned about the culture and history of The Dominican Republic, specifically the history of Bonao.  First we visited Jim Hernandez, an architect who re-designed the building for the first radio station in Latin America.  Then we toured the city and met two amazing people, Felix and Andres.  They are shoe shiners that have been working in the park for over 30 years!

We then went to La Plaza de la Cultura to learn how to dance bachata and merengue from .  We also learned about celebrating Carnival by visiting Piro’s Workshop where we saw a glimpse of how the Carnival puppets are made.  We were shocked when the puppets came to life and were dancing all around us!



Weather:  It was very hot and humid today but the sun was out all day for us

Best Moment: Trying on the puppet customs in Piro’s Workshop and dancing around!

Best Meal: Eating lunch in the park with la bandera, which is made from rice, beans and meat

Biggest Takeaway: How history can still play a major role in modern day