We started our official first full day in Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!

All of our glimpses headed to breakfast and immediately we started doing some icebreakers to get to know each other better + have some extra energy to start our day!!!!

We continued the day with our culture and safety seminar giving our glimpsers some guidelines about how to manage during their 14 days here in Costa Rica. We had a delicious lunch and then did one-on-ones to get to know their mental and physical health status.
After some rain, it cleared out and we headed towards the city tour!!!!!!!

We saw the church and local park where we all had ice cream and got to play with the local kids or (ticos) at the park! Some students played volleyball and basketball, and others did some skateboarding tricks.

Our glimpsers enjoyed this day so much! We learned a lot about Costa Rican culture.

We headed back to our base house to have some dinner and celebrate our Glimpser Cooper’s birthday (surprise cake for him) he wasn’t expecting it!

Today was a great first day that ended with our nightly meeting and closed with a unity clap!!!!!

Stay tuned for day 2