Today we had an awesome and fun day! We had the welcome home orientation seminar after breakfast where we shared some interesting ideas and clarified all the information necessary to get the best out of these couple of weeks. After, we had lunch and then we head over to Turrialba where Memo (one of our program coordinators and local guide) gave us a very interesting city tour.We saw the central park, the local school, and the former train station. There, Memo shared some history about the development of Costa Rica thanks to agriculture. We learned about the important role that Turrialba played during this time in Costa Rica since it was the best way at the time to connect the Caribbean side to the central area of Costa Rica.

After, we stopped for some ice cream right next to the central park. Then, we visited the Rawlings factory for baseball supplies which surprisingly, is located in Turrialba. For the end of the tour, we stopped at the local campus of the University of Costa Rica to see one of the machines that the Northern railroad company used back in the day. After that, we came back to our base house where the students relaxed and had some fun at the pool.