We had a great day today. It started early with a beautiful breakfast from our head Chef Diego. Then we drove the winding road to sunny Cartago. Just kidding, it was raining most of the morning but we were ready to roll with it and it got sunny and warm midday. Our glimpses took a culturally rich tour with our local guide to many of the cities most important historical sites. We visited the nation’s principle church, Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, the ruins of Santiago Apostle Church, the City Museum, Maria Auxiliadora church, the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, and the famous Central Market. We were lucky to get some of our favorite, fresh tropical fruit to share.

After our tour, we visited a souvenir shop to get trinkets and Costa Rican merch for the families and friends back home. Many minds quickly drifted towards food and away from the allure of the gift shop. Finally, off we were to…… lunch!

On the return home, we had one of the most talked about lunches from a wood fired stove. Mano de Pierales, creamy squash stew, fried plantains and a delicious rice pudding topped some of the “choose your own adventure,” home cooked with love, meal. We also enjoyed group singing performed by our very talented glimpsers on the bus.

Back at Base House we ate another of Chef Diego’s signature meals, socialized and wrapped up our evening with our first real Nightly Meeting. We reviewed Community Day’s agenda for tomorrow, recapped our wonderful journey to Cartago, and reviewed our rules, reflected on our experiences and connected with one another.

Our day ended with rocking out to guitar songs, thoughtful plantings, dynamic drawings and a photo montage of our trip and group self portrait project photos before heading to bed with dreams of another new day filled with new friendships, adventurers and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Special thanks Memo, Maggie, Jason and all the students for a thoughtful birthday to remember.

Tomorrow everyone is looking forward to Community Day, led by our very own Anthony and Sydney!