Today we visited Cartago, Costa Rica. Our day started bright and early at 6:30am. Even though we wanted to sleep in our beds longer, we pushed through with good music and positive vibes.

Our bus driver, Wilson drove us safely around Cartago town. Tatiana and Rochelle provided the music and the vibes for the bus ride. The tour guide, Jorge, gave us an incredible tour around the town of Cartago and provided us with historical facts, as well as interesting stories. We visited so many places. Students bought treats from Tortiricas and the food was amazing! Then, we walked around the city to learn about the history of the Plaza del Santiago Nacional, Casa de la Ciudad, Municipalidad Cartago and the Ruinas de la Parroquia. We went to the souvenir shop in Cartago and bought some cool stuff for ourselves and our families. We learned the history of the town, the people and the architecture.

If we remember nothing else, a town thrives with the help of a school, church, police station, sports field, and market. Today we witnessed the importance of history and how it affects current affairs. We learned that history is important because it can impact people, currency, policies, resources, alliances, tradition, travel and tradition.

Costa Rica is full of natural resources, but most of all, it is filled with history and pride. Today, not only were our stomachs full of good food, our minds were full of amazing history and stories. Day 3 was an amazing day because of the energy created and the connections that were made. We look forward to tomorrow, but we will never forget today.

¡Pura Vida!!!