Today we started the day with a wonderful breakfast of french toast, eggs, ham, and fresh fruit. We left on the bus immediately after breakfast for Cartago, the first capital of Costa Rica. The bus ride was full of youthful energy and songs are sung by the students at maximum volume! They had a blast and it was entertaining, to say the least.

Upon arriving in Cartago we met our amazing tour guide, Jorge. He walked us around the town and explained the history of Cartago. He explained the history of the 8 indigenous tribes that were here before the Spanish colonized the country. He brought us to various buildings of historical importance including the first high school in Costa Rica which originally was military quarters. Jorge mentioned that a typical city had a plaza in the center with a church, police station, a soccer field, and a school on either side. The students had an opportunity to experience a typical Saturday afternoon in Cartago.

It has been incredible to experience the endless energy that the students bring to this trip! They continue to try new things, eat new foods, and learn new customs. The group has amazing chemistry and everyone is getting along well. It has been such a pleasure for us to watch them grow in such a short time, and appreciate all that they are experiencing. We are looking forward to what is to come and know it will be great!