Hello friends and families,

WE MISS YOU even though it’s the 3rd day in Jarabacoa, Today’s experience was both exciting and inspirational because we went to go visit a wonderful, beautiful, and colorful place called Bohios Campos Anil. We had a wonderful experience learning about the traditions of the Cibao people, who know how to make perfect hot chocolate and coffee by hand. Which has been a tradition of the Bohios Campo Anil for generations, and has been carried on till this day. After having learned about the process of making coffee and chocolate we had an opportunity to try some traditional Dominican food that Taino make on a fogon, which is a large fire used to cook food. After having a heartfelt conversation with the owner of the place we embarked on our next journey, but this one started with a little bit of sound. The sound was mixed with two feelings which were thrilling and tiring and turned into an experience that none of us are ever going to forget. We learned multiple dances in less than a 2 hour getting the full experience of a dance party here and the different dances we have done today were Bachata, salsa, and merengue. We were all very tired yet continued even when they played music during our breaks. We had so much fun today learning the different foods, dances, and culture of the people of the Dominican Republic, especially Cibao people