This was a BIG day, celebrating Nicaraguan culture in a variety of ways.  We took 4 “field trips” starting with Ceramicas Negras (black pottery), a fascinating coop business for women in a beautiful region called Tomatoya just northwest of Jinotega.  Students got to try their hands (and feet) using a “throwing wheel” as well as making somoto rosquillas which are like sweet pastries.


 IMG_2723 IMG_2726 IMG_2745 IMG_2722IMG_2749 IMG_2747

After lunch, we went to a Nicaraguan travel agency followed by our big surprise: making Nacatamales!!!

IMG_1215IMG_1218IMG_2762 IMG_2780 IMG_2783

Our final field trip of the day was going dancing!!!  We got to have a one hour lesson in the traditional (and some modern) styles of Nicaraguan dance.

  IMG_1230 IMG_1234 IMG_1249 IMG_1257 IMG_1258

After working up a sweat, we returned to where we made nacatamales to eat them for dinner.  Deliciousness!

  IMG_1270 IMG_1272

What a day!!!  We have an early (5:00 a.m.) start tomorrow, so it’s off to bed for us.  Thanks for following this blog.  🙂