Guinea Pig kinda tastes like Chicken?

Hello Global Glimpse Community! At the time I’m writing this post, it is the end of the third day of our trip.  After an early wake up and breakfast, we got right into the day’s activities with a seminar about the struggle of indigenous communities to preserve and maintain their culture and identity. This led into one of our main activities for the day: a tour of the indigenous Cacha community! We were so honored to have the opportunity to visit their museum, learn about their culture and history, and walk around their medicinal plant garden. We made another friend today, another Ash-koo (or dog in Quechua) who we weren’t supposed to touch for safety reasons, which was almost as sad as the view was amazing so high up in the mountains.  We learned so much and were even given the privilege of participating in a demonstration of a cleaning ceremony.  After that, by complete coincidence we got to meet Dr. Jorge Duchicela, the 28th descendant of the King of Kapcha. Real royalty! Then, after a quick stop back at our accommodations for lunch, we hopped back into the bus and drove to the Restaurante Nativa where we got cooking lessons! I made my first empanada, saw my first ever star fruit, and tasted my first guinea pig! We learned so much about the culture here in Riobamba today, and to think that it’s only day three!

To my family: I signed up to be the leader of the day today, something completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m making new friends and also trying new things! I love you guys!

Shout out to our driver today Don Alfonso, the amazing staff at Hotel La Primavera, the staff at Restaurante Nativa, and all of the Global Glimpse staff!

Tomorrow’s Leader of the Day is Jazmin! She is very cool and will definitely have an amazing update for you guys! Please look out for her blog post tomorrow.

So much love,

Emily Shores 🙂