Today we got the whole package of culture and fun! To begin the day as the leader of the day, I woke fellow glimpsers up then headed up stairs to make our board. After a while, glimpsers began to come into our community room and we started our day with bread and eggs. Following, we had our mental warmup where we discussed the importance of culture and its preservation. In having that deep and insightful conversation, we realized that it makes up an identity and its very organic.

After our mental warmup, we went to Gato’s house- a carnival mask maker with very rare and beautiful eyes, we began to make masks! Our masks were inspired by a range of things like medusa, cyclops, demon-slayer and zombies! We got really messy and had tons of laughs especially when Gato referred to one of his masks as his mother in law. Not only is he very talented, but he has a very insightful outlook on art. He does not rely heavily on accessories and prefers to let the art speak for itself.

When we came back from the mask making, we had a very filling lunch which consisted of pork-chops, rice and corn, steamed vegetables and macaroni salad. At lunch, we sat next to new people and had some more bonding time! There were very intense games of Farkle and uno! Then following lunch we had some freetime and went to the supermarket and got tons of snacks! Finally!

Oh and we also had a dance class! Paul, our award winning, energy filled dance teacher, led us through a series of dances that consisted of the bachata, merengue and circle dancing! Even after he left we were ALL surprised with Aziza’s voguing and her being our temporary dance teacher!!! The dancing continued and the vibes were out the roof!

Subsequent to our dance class, we had some self reflection time. During this time, we answered our randomly selected questions and talked about our hobbies, our preferred temperature foods, our spirit animals and more. This time really paved a safe space and opportunity to get to know each other more.

Then we had dinner, dinner consisted of salami, rice, pickled onions and steamed vegetables. Again, we sat next to different people.. however this time it was in birthday order! We all happened to talk about our schools and its differences and similarities.

Finally, it was our nightly meeting. In our meeting, we gave roses and thorns, plusses and wishes, big loves and announcements. We discussed our highlights and lows of the day. To wrap up our night, we passed the torch to Miguel and Jordan D. (who you will hear from tomorrow) and did a big unity clap as our goodnight!

It was great keeping you all up to date and I hope you all enjoy the coming blogs!

Your Glimpser,