Que Onda Everyone,

Today we spent our day focusing on the topic of the culture in Nicaragua and the role of art in preserving the local customs and traditions. After finishing breakfast at 7:15 we headed out on the bus leaving Estili and heading up into the mountains to Jalacate National Preservartion Park. After the enjoyable, but bumpy bus ride, now affectionately named the Rollercoaster Ride, we headed down the mountainside towards Alberto Guiterrez’s home.

2013-06-28 21.32.38

The view was absolutely beautiful and everyone had fun stopping to take a picture or two, bonding as we descended. To go to Alberto Guiterrez’s home we had to walk through a winding path, past chickens, cows and dogs to his simpledwelling. Alberto Guiterrez, who is 74, has been there for 37 years taking the time to tell the story of the indiginous people, local beliefs, and some global events, including the Twin Towers. He has carved in stone the stories that he finds important, ones that hopefully everyone will get to see and experience. Alberto Guiterrez’slifestyle is very humbling and I believe it has taught us a lot about be grateful for what we have and just adding to how much we are enjoying it here.

2013-04-26 15.28.50 2013-06-28 22.54.05

Our other highlight of the day was our English Tutoring session. 15 students came to the class and we were happy to work with them. They talked about their lives and what they dream of doing, I think in some ways inspiring all of us and what we want to do with our future. They were so grateful that we were there and incredibly interested in our lives back home. We shared photographs and stories, and learned more about what it means to be Nicaraguan.

From 4:00 to 6:00 we got our first free time stopping off at the coffee shop and indulging happily in the different sweets avaliable. Our group also went to the local supermarket, comparing it to the ones back home, and found it is quite similar.

We are all enjoying it here and have made some realy good friends already. For me, it has already become home, and we look forward to everyday. Whether it is early in the morning, rain or shine. There is another adventure waiting around the corner for tomorrow. I hope you all come back and enjoy more of the blog. Lots of love to everyone back home.


P.S. I love you mum. <3