Today, Khephra and James were the Liders del Dia for “Living Like a Local” day. Our group took a bus up through scenic Nicaraguan mountains to a reserve filled with local homes, Tisey la Estanzuela. We were split up into small groups and given families to visit with. That meant we all got new parents, and for many it meant new younger siblings! We helped the locals with their daily routines, including washing clothes, washing dishes, and cooking delicious homemade “comida.” For many Glimpsers, the language barrier was a obstacle, but the families were very understanding and helpful in translating through the more fluent students.

James here: I know personally that the family I visited was full of some of the most welcoming, bright-faced and loving individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This day was full of laughter, love, and eye-opening experiences that I will never forget. I miss my adopted family already! 🙂

Khephra: It was an honor to be Lider del Dia today. I got to take on the challenge of making sure everyone was covered in bug spray from head to toe and was taking their “water shots” to stay hydrated and healthy. An even bigger challenge however, was having to leave my host family. You’d be amazed by the connections you can make even through the language barriers. I learned that the people of this country are so happy. They don’t need a big flashy home or any other material item. I am certain that I will bring the Nicaraguan attitude back home with me.