Today we arrived to Turrialba, capital of the milky way and birthplace of Turrialba cheese, and the poet Jorge DeBravo.

This county is known as “la campiña azucarera” (sugar county) because one of the main crops is sugar cane. Also, there is an active volcano, an archeological site, the largest single blog Coffee plantation in Costa Rica, and 2 representatives of the two most important thrives in the country: Cabëcar and Bribrï

Also we had the chance to visit “la feria”, which is the local farmers market. We found fruits, cheese, honey, bread, art crafts, flowers, vegetables and even ceviche. The glimpsers had the opportunity to interact with locals and use their Spanish skills. Some of them bought fruits (which taste as they should taste) and everybody tried litchy.

We stopped at the central park and met with Cornelio….the resident rooster, and his chicks. We get some information about Turrialba and its history, and the impressive fact of being the place in the country with the oldest evidence found so far of human occupation….12000b.C.

Once when we went back to the base (ignore the luggage) we had an amazing dinner prepared by our chef Diego,  and then we celebrated the birthday of one of.our GG Leaders, we had a really good cake made by a member of the community. We can’t wait for tomorrow…..

Pura Vida