We had a great day today exploring the history and culture of Costa Rica. We took a tour of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose with our lovely guide Glorianna. We stopped at the outside of the Museum of Costa Rica, which we learned used to be a military barracks until Costa Rica abolished their military in 1948. We learned that Costa Rica had many Civil Wars that built their identity and shaped the country into what it is today. We went to the National Theater and the Grand Hotel of Costa Rica, both of which President Kennedy visited. We went to the main cathedral in San Jose. The Spanish built cathedrals in most towns when they colonized the country.

Finally, we went to the Central Market, one of the oldest markets in the city. The students were involved in team challenges to identify items at the market.

We had lunch in town at the 11th Avenue Restaurant and once we got back to base camp both the students and staff took a well-deserved nap!

A highlight was learning some Costa Rican slang — particularly A Cachete! The literal translation is “the cheek” but it means “something good!!”

We can’t wait for tomorrow!!