Hi families—

Today was another fun adventure. Fredy and Martha welcomed us into their home and taught us how to make Naca-Tamales, a local favorite. They are known throughout Esteli for their delicious specialty. Their tamales are filled with tasty seasonings and a variety of vegetables and meats.

After a FILLING lunch, we headed over to Casa de Cultura. The bottom floor is like a museum, and there is a studio above. Juan Carlos showed us how to create art out of dried, colored corn husks, and we had a chance to make cards.

Just a bit of general information—-we are staying in Hotel Las Americas, and it really is lovely. The proprietors are father and son; they are so good to us. To dry our clothes out from yesterday’s rain, we hung them on the outside railings, but the today is rained again! We thought our things would be re-soaked, but they had taken them under the roof and folded them nicely. Beyond the call of duty!! Most of our meals are at Buffet Esteli, and they treat us so well too. It’s a little bit of a challenge to get used to having beans and rice at every meal, but they make it really manageable.

Probably most importantly, together, we make a fantastic group. This is Zorina (one of the GG leaders) writing, so it’s my chance to say to the families—you have fantastic kids (which I’m sure you already know:)!! They are smart, funny, kind, creative, curious, respectful, and doing everything they can to make these three weeks amazing. Our time in Nicaragua is going to be such a fun learning experience, and it will be enriched by the real friendships made here with each other.

Hasta pronto (at least online:)!