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Greetings from Esteli! Today I got the privilege to be the leader of the day and it surely was a roller-coaster! We woke up this morning  and 3 of the girls didn’t feel well. So sadly we had to leave them behind with our trusty Global Glimpse Leaders, and head out for our first field trip to Fundacion Cristal. Our field trip was quite important because it’s for the  school we’re doing our Community Action Project for! While we were there we put our brains together and came up with a ton of ideas for our project. Once we had a plan to transform the play structure and create a reading area, we headed back to our home for the next few weeks. Lunch was dull without the whole group and the energy and health levels for everyone felt low. But we continued to remind each other to drink water and wash our hands every chance we got. Before our next field trip we all got a little rest and then we headed to Mujeres Ambientalistas (environmental women), to learn about the process of making recycled paper. The women taught us a lot and broke down  the process so well. We got the privilege of seeing beautiful murals, and the paper products they’ve made. For example, cards for letters, post cards, and book marks as well. With our friends in mind we headed back to the hostile with high hopes that they felt better, and just are luck they did! Tomorrow we get a day to rest and relax, so that soon enough are whole delegation will have no risks of sickness furthermore! Although we weren’t a complete group today, the spirits are still high and we all can’t wait for what’s to come! PS: I love you mom if you’re reading this!