Today was an adventurous day! I woke up around 6 20 am because I was scared I would fall back asleep. When it was time, I woke everyone up for a breakfast of pancakes with syrup! We then went to the bus to visit Sonido del Yaque to meet a small community. I felt a pleasure to talk to all of the adults and especially the kids; they were very fun. We were able to see how the community sustains itself with the nature around them, like using water for electricity. While we were interacting with the community, we helped them with any chores they needed assistance with. Many of us stepped out to ask questions even though we didn’t know the language. We had a face painting bonding time with the kids. Shout out to Paola who was shy, but very sweet when other Global Glimpse members were painting a butterfly on her hand. I think Im learning to swim already with all this water around me; when we went to the river in the community I was practicing. Overall the days are keeping me proactive and busy like I hoped they would be. I’m grateful I had an experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone because I can show who I am to others. !Hola mami, papi, and sister, I love you cuidence mucho por aya!