Hello everyone, it’s Brianna and Gustavo, the leaders of the day. Today’s theme was education, and we spent the day learning about how people educate themselves in their  culture, did some educating ourselves, and thought about to increase awareness of global issues through education.

First, we visited Mujeres Ambientalistas and learned how a small group of single mothers, through making paper out of waste, created opportunities for their families, and educated young people about the environment.  Some of us bought the finished paper, so you may expect to see a souvenir for you when we return!

Next we played a game called Blind Love, where we were able to shout out people in our group in a silent way.  It allowed us to express ourselves and show appreciation, especially if some of us might not feel comfortable doing it publicly.

The highlight of the day was our first English tutoring class.  Overall, it was a big success and we taught about 20 Nica teens.  Many of the students had known English before, and they were able to successfully complete the classwork, and to be engaged with other students that needed help.  We created interactive activities, so Glimpsers could communicate better with the students.  Some of us felt like we were back at school, where we sometimes help other students in our regular classes. We felt we were making a difference with the students, with what they know, and helping to open more doors for them in the future.  We thought how becoming bilingual helps a community have a bigger voice.

At our nightly meeting, we had a deep conversation about to make our communities at home more aware of global issues that might not normally impact them directly.  We talked about how we can raise awareness and make a change without relying on media or celebrities to make issues important.  We had many different opinions on the topic, and we will continue our discussion.

As we transition tomorrow to studying poverty in-depth, we will continue to see things we might not normally see, and to continue to think about our role in the connected world.