Hey everyone, It is I, Alisha Stevens aka The GOAT (my fellow glimpsers would understand lol). Today the group had a long day of getting our hands dirty and learning about local business. It was also a special day because it was MY BIRTHDAY (I turned 18 🙂 … welcome me to adulthood I guess).

Throughout the day the glimpsers, GGLs, and PCs all made me feel special. Although I felt kind of stressed being the Leader of the Day while celebrating my birthday, the group made me cry happy tears TWICE. After dinner we had a little fashion show, obviously I was down to be a model. Then, all of a sudden they walked down the runway with a cake for my birthday!! We danced, I popped a bottle of sparkling grape juice, and ate cake.

Enough of me for the moment…

Today the group was able to work on a coffee plantation, working together to move plants and pick weeds. In the end we got the opportunity to each plant our own little coffee tree. Later on during the day, we visited Café Monte Alto which was a factory that produces different varieties of coffee beans. At the end of the tour, we were able to taste their specialty brand. I learned and understood how one small coffee seed can have a great impact on communities and on a global scale.

After touring Café Monte Alto, the group took time to visit the supermarket and fruit market. Who knew this shopping experience, along with many others we will have, would make me understand what it is like to live locally. 

But, It’s time for The GOAT to get her beauty rest, So, I’m signing off…