¡Hola Familias y Amigos!

Today we had a very rainy morning, but eventful day learning about different businesses here in Costa Rica. First we took a long walk in the sparse rain to meet our friendly guide Memo near his casa. From there he took us to visit a popular local church (La Iglesia de Aquiares) that he described to be visited by people all across the country.

Afterward, we continued walking to a coffee plantation where many of us tried the fruits of coffee plants—found to be surprisingly sweet by some and not enjoyable by others. We visited a small landing within the plantation with a beautiful view of the nearby village and mountains. We took a moment to hear the absence of cars and city life replaced by different species of birds chirping and light rain drops. We also got a tour of a coffee factory called Aquiares and were walked through the process of making coffee.

Once we took a break for lunch at the house, we made our way back out to a small farm called Finca La Florita, owned by a woman named Karla. She showed the ways of caring for and feeding cows in the correct manner. We learned about their diet and Noah and Michelle learned to milk them. We were also shown the process of feeding. Karla allowed Aria and Azariah to make cheese for all of us to try. And I (Rosy) was able to feel a cow’s stomach as her baby started to shift around inside. After the learning and eating, we went home and ate dinner.


At our nightly meeting we had a interesting discussion about the impacts of large businesses on smaller, local ones in the ways that they can prevent the prosperity of them. While we didn’t find being LDDs the most enjoyable, but it was a valuable experience to reveal to ourselves how we feel and work in leadership roles.