Today’s theme was Global Business, and the first thing we did was our wake up call at 7am. Then we ate breakfast that our lovely cooker, Licelot, made for us. Unfortunately, we wasted 3 pounds of food, which meant we lost 30 minutes of free time before bed.

Then, we took the bus to COMIDOM, which is a mining company in the mountains. There we got to see how “small” a mine is (which looked very big in our eyes!) with a beautiful landscape.

Next, we made a trip to Loma Miranda and on the way Javier (our great bus driver) played music for the first time. At Loma Miranda, we learned how to not take things for granted, like water. I admire and respect them for fighting to protect their environment, which is also part of our environment. One of the ways they help protect the environment is by educating farmers about how to handle bribes from the government or multi-billion dollar companies.

Back at the hostel we worked on our CAP (Community Action Project) idea and finally decided to build a basketball court for the Los Arroyos community.

Weather: The weather was very sunny, and humid

Best Meal: The best meal for me was eggs with sauce, sweet potato, and fruit.

Best Moment: Deciding to do the basketball court for our CAP!

Biggest Takeaway: Don’t waste food!!!!!