Hola familias!

This is Sophia and Morgan, the first student leaders of the trip! Today was an eventful day, starting off with us waking up everyone at 7 am. We then went to breakfast at our usual eating spot, Buffet Esteli. There we enjoyed beans, avocado, plantains, and the daily fresh juice! We then went back to the hostel and discussed the different perspectives of aid in developing countries. After an intriguing discussion, we visited Mujeres Ambientalistas. This is a place that a group of single moms founded in order to make the environment cleaner. There they make recycled paper and we had the opportunity to make a piece ourselves! Then we had lunch and two hours of free time! During our free time we split into groups and went to the supermarket, cultural center, and internet cafes. Sadly, lots of us called our families and many did not pick up :(. Just as a friendly reminder that if you get an unknown, private, or call from Florida (not sure why it shows up as this) to pick it up because it is probably us!

The best part of the day (at least in our opinion) was tutoring English for the first time! Most of us were a bit nervous going into it, especially the ones who don’t speak Spanish very well, but it was an amazing experience for all. We were shocked by how eager the students were to learn and how welcoming they were to us. We are already looking forward to tomorrows tutoring session! For dinner we got a special surprise, pizza! We were able to have some American food to celebrate the 4th of July!

We ended the day with our nightly meeting, passing the leader of the day “torch” to Katey and Sierra.

We are having an amazing time here and learning so much but we love and miss you all!

Sophia and Morgan