We picked up manure with our bare hands….

Today on June 9th, Emir and I were the leaders of the day. We took the responsibility on making sure everyone drank water, did head counts in Spanish and basically led everyone throughout the day. We both woke up at 6:30am and then woke up everyone at 7:00am.

The highlight of our day was that we visited a farm and met Jaime, the owner of the farm. We learned that Jaime was born on that farm, was raised in that farm, and wishes to grow old in that farm. We also met the other workers in that farm. We learned a couple of things while we were there… like how many liters of milk the cows produce, and we saw where the cows sleep when it is cold and rainy. We then proceeded to pack fertilizer into big bags and then spread the fertilizer into the field. The kind kitchen workers packed us lunch to eat at the farm so we ate there. Emir and I gave a small speech to Jaime, thanking him for welcoming us to his farm and being so warm hearted.

A couple of hours later, we headed to a restaurant 15 minutes away from our hotel called “La Nativa”, where we had a delicious meal. The meal consisted of rice, ribs, potato and a salad. We then finished off our dinner with ice cream for dessert. We came back to the hotel and had our nightly meeting where Emir and I passed the Torch to Phrank! Phrank will be the Leader of the Day, so be on the lookout for their post tomorrow! They are so energetic and funny! We are sure you will enjoy their post.


Spanish Translation: 

El día de hoy nos levantamos a las. 7:00a.m teniendo un desayuno en “La Primavera” preparados para un día interesante trabajando como un local. Nos preparamos para llenar bolsas grandes de fertilizante natural! Sin duda una experiencia única donde también aprendimos acerca de cuántos litros de leche una vaca puede producir. Una vez terminamos de ayudar a Jaime Mayorga (dueño de la granja) volvimos a “La primavera” a ducharnos y tener un tiempo para descansar para despues salir a cenar al restaurante “nativa” dónde nos recibieron con una deliciosa comida! volviendo despues al hotel para tener nuestra junta de noche y nuestra reflexion del día!

To my family: I’m getting a little bit out of my comfort zone trying to talk to my peers. I am slowly but surely adjusting to the new environment. I miss you guys so much and I love you guys. See you guys on the 17th at 8-9am! Don’t forget to pick me up, lol. – Dalilah 

To my family: I’m having one of my best memories that I can be able to remember for the rest of my life. Thank you also for the opportunity and the support that you have on me and pushing me to have this trip which helps me to discover new things! Espero verlos pronto y tambien que cuando regrese puedamos ir comer o algo! – Emir 

Shoutout to our bus driver Don Fernando for taking us to our planned visits, the staff at “La Primavera”, and at the restaurant “La Nativa” for the delicious food, as well as the Global Glimpse leaders and the program coordinators!

See you next week! 🙂

Dalilah Garcia & Emir Magdaleno