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Hello Global Glimpse Family & Friends,

My name is Aya Best, and I am San Cristobal’s first leader of the day! Today we glimpsers tiredly woke up at 5:00am to start our “Working Like A Local” day. By 7:00am we were on our bus heading to Mana, the local community where our work would take place. On the way we shared a bittersweet moment, taking a look at a once flowing but now dried out river. Adele, Juana, and Tanya, members of CONAMUCA, a women’s rights organization, explained to us that the river’s appearance was due to a long lasting drought and the over usage by major companies around the DR.

Once we arrived at Mana, we immediately sorted into groups and began our work. The GG leaders used machetes to cut down the dead leaves from Banana trees, while students gathered the leaves and placed them at the base of the trees to promote water flow and absorption. The sun was shining, and the bees were buzzing and we glimpsers worked for a long 3 ½ hours constantly dodging the insects and taking chit chat breaks.

After working, Emilio, the vice president of Fundacion De Caficultores, talked with us about their harsh living conditions and the struggle to keep his land from government seizure. We then said our goodbyes and headed back to the Rancho for Lunch.

Later in the evening we were split into new groups to begin our lesson planning for our very first English classes, thinking of fun ways to teach the locals. Lastly, we ended the night we shared a fun game of Mafia, celebrating our 4th day In the DR.

Tomorrow is “Education Day”, where we will be learning about different types of education in the DR. Can’t wait!