My fellow glimpser were woken up at 6am, the earliest we have had yet, by yours truly. We got on the bus and headed to a local farm to eat breakfast with a group of workers who taught us about their work. We finished up breakfast and visited with two little birds on the property, one of which was to my surprise, put on my shoulder by Carla. Everyone then got a turn to hold a bird and, after Thao refused, Carla and I plotted to put oe on her shoulder too, a plan, which succeeded. Then, the group headed out to visit the actual farming grounds of the producers and learned how they work. After spending time at the farm, we headed back to town to eat a delicious plate of rice, salad and shredded beef at Don Carlo´s restaurant! We even got to eat at a specially prepare table with a beautiful tablecloth and fresh flowers. Another bus ride (and a Beyonce album later) landed us at a factory which processes locally grown products. There, we learned about different producing processes and the benefits of fair trade on local businesses. We headed back to the hostel for our second academic seminar on our Community Action Project (CAP) and ate some dinner. Finishing with the nightly meeting, we reviewed the day and I passed the torch onto our next El Lider de Dia (Leader of the day), Englysh! We are all looking forward to our day tomorrow, our first FUN DAY!