Hello family and friends! Let me begin with saying happy birthday to Indira (our Nicaraguan group leader)! We had a great surprise party filled with games, music, and cake! Everybody had lots of laughs and enjoyed participating in the games. Today was aid and development day where we were able to visit two different locations and look at different needs organizations here in Jinotega would like our help with. We will be deciding as a group what we would like to do for our community action   project and our two field trips today helped us see where we would like to help. Our first field trip was to UNAN, which is the university here in Jinotega, we got to see both the science and nursing laboratories and what we could do to better improve them. Some of these things would include painting the walls as well as getting materials necessary for students to be able to complete labs and having necessary tools to help with their studies. Our second field trip was to Ecoalbergue, it was amazing on our way there because of the beautiful views we got to see. At Ecoalbergue we got to learn about the organization and how this organization helps students learn about the territories here in Jinotega and how these students are educated about how to own their own land as well as teach students from other countries, like ourselves, what we can do to help better the world. We had a tour and got to see many different plants, including coffee, which was really cool. Overall today was breath taking, we were able to experience another very beautiful part of Jinotega.
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