What’s up world? This is Manny and Cequan. Today we were leaders of the day and don’t tell anybody but we did the best job ever to be very honest.

To start off our day we woke everybody up to some music. Most people complained, but it was honestly the best wake-up call anybody experienced. After that we had breakfast.  We made an amazing model plate.  We had eggs, toast, fried salami, and cantaloupe.  In the morning we learned about our cap project, where we help the locals with a problem they have in their community.

After that, we went to our first destination at the wonderful Plan Yaque, where we learned about water depletion as well as their solutions to help that problem. This was super important because it gave us an idea about our community project.

Then there was our second location.  We visited a local community where we saw how local people live with this water depletion and asked questions about how we can help them. Even though their living conditions are not the best, they still stay optimistic and help each other instead of fighting each other to get ahead.

Being a leader today reminded us of two words: commitment and leadership. We learned the responsibility it takes to be a leader. It was very challenging but you have to push through. But unfortunately, we have to step down and give Leader of the Day to Brooklynn and Izzy. Adios!!!!!!!!!!