Today was an emotional day for the group as a whole as we saw the lifestyle of the Nicaraguans who are stuck in a cycle of poverty. The context is so different here and when we saw it all in person we were very affected.

In the morning after breakfast we did an activity called a “privilege walk” where we were made aware of some the the privileges that we all have or don’t have in our own lives. After some reflection, we headed to the local dump.

There we met with some of the staff who educated us about the way the dump works and about the some 150 workers who are there looking through to trash to find materials to sell to make a living every single day.

We brought a few snacks for the workers and it was just crazy to see how grateful they were for the little things as we started to pass out the snacks more and more workers started to come but it was so sad to run out and not be able to provide for every single one of them. Many of us left there thinking how much we wished we could help them
In order to get them out of the conditions they were in but there’s only so much we can do and sadly it’s not enough.

After some reflection after lunch we visited a school where we are going to be doing our Community Action Project. We met some of the children that live at the school and played games with them and we all enjoyed the time together. We took a tour of the school so we can see what we could help with for our project and there are many things that the school needs and it’s some of the most basic things like needing a mattress and a toilet for the bathroom. We will go back to the school on Monday to give out our plan and see if it will work.

After our take home dinner we had our second night of English teaching. It went amazing for everyone,we are all working hard to make sure that all our students are getting the best experience and we are as well practicing our Spanish and our teaching skills.

Tomorrow is living like a local day. Bucket showers for all!