Hello guys,

Today we woke up at 7 am and had breakfast at 7:30am. After breakfast, we got ready to go to see the families we were spending the day with. My group included Taylor, Jacob, Ruby, and Jarely. We got to get to know the family and play games with them. Afterwards, we ate lunch. We had rice, beans, chicken, and salad. Once we finished lunch, we got to make bread and empanadas- they tasted very good. In the other group, it was Levi, Isherlina, and Catherine. They got to make empanadas and alfajores (Argentinian cookies). They loved spending time and speaking Spanish with Evelyn. Another group included Ezra, Deion, Ava, Cindy, Lillian, and Tayne. They visited a 21-year-old and her family. She walked them around town, played games, and made empanadas. They fell in love with her dog, Angus. The last group was Nevaeh, Elyse, and Zavier. They hung out with Emilio. They hung out, played games, had lunch, and made tortillas. After that, we all went back and had some downtime. We had dinner at 7 and our nightly meeting at 8. After our nightly meeting, we hung out for a little while. Then, at 10, we went to our rooms. We went to bed at 10:30.