Hi everyone!

It’s Jeffrey and Dania, just here to update everyone on another amazing day. After we woke up at 7am, we enjoyed dragonfruit juice, cheese filled tortillas, homemade salsa, and rice for breakfast at Imabite. We also delivered laundry for those who needed to wash their clothes; our next laundry day will probably be in another three or four days. After a quick insightful discussion back at the hostel about education inequality in the USA, we headed back over to Xuchialt, the art school in an indigenous neighborhood where we made our sawdust carpets! Oh, and we took the public bus, which was definitely a hectic experience :).


There we met up with students from a scholarship program called the “Access Program.”  The Access Program provides scholarship funds to a maximum of 20 driven students from elementary school through university. With the Access students, we bonded through games like Human Knot and discussed the similarities and differences between American and Nicaraguan education. We took the public bus back to Imabite, where we enjoyed our lunch.

After lunch, Brayan and Kirsten surprised us by taking us to the movie theater, where we got to enjoy popcorn, candy and soda while watching Independence Day. After that, we all got treated to pizza! Talk about a great Fourth of July celebration! Later we then attended and led our first English tutoring sessions with the unbelievably eager and open-minded students. Everyone was a bit nervous and hesitant at first, but everyone definitely got the hang of it by the end of the session and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s classes.

After we got back, we passed the torch to Jamie to be leader of Poverty Day —  we know she’ll do great tomorrow.

Signing out for now,

Jeffrey and Dania